On Tue, Oct 11, 2016 at 1:08 PM, Tom <t...@vondein.org> wrote:
> You didn't ask, but: if you ever use FreeBSD for a longer time, you'll
> never go back to Linux. At least not voluntarily :)

Many don't get that the Linux "distros" are often just that,
distributions... of the same damn thing... they make some app
bundling and packager choices but that's about it. Except for
the commercial ventures like RedHat which do contribute sizeable
raw development.
Whereas the BSD's all picked something long ago and generally
stick with it to this day, with blending across them...
Open - secure, free
Free - serving, all around utility, hardware, storage
Dragon - clustering
Net - platforms including your toaster

> In the end you'll need to compare them yourself, features, policies,
> hardware support, security, whatever.

That's the key as always. Someone really needs to
maintain a giant wiki table with this and the bsd's.

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