"Violet Blue Journalist"?

Her last Medium post was in June and starts off waxing ecstatic about
all the publicity she was getting.

This Guardian article has nothing new whatsoever and is just an attempt
to stir shit. Which IS pretty much what the Guardian's turned into over
the last few years.

Also note she claimed:
"I was standing with my Chronicle editor, Eve Batey, when Jake told the
group he fucked the models, and that he’d ejaculate under or around the
desk of someone he didn’t like. He joked, “Don’t drop your muffin,
buddy!” And that’s when Eve and I bailed out."

Funny how there hasn't been a peep from Batey about this.


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> In the popular press:
> https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/oct/11/jacob-appelbaum-tor-project-sexual-assault-allegations

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