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> "Violet Blue Journalist"?
> Her last Medium post was in June and starts off waxing ecstatic about
> all the publicity she was getting.
> https://medium.com/@violetblue/but-he-does-good-work-6710df9d9029#.aui1mzcmb
> This Guardian article has nothing new whatsoever and is just an
> attempt to stir shit. Which IS pretty much what the Guardian's turned
> into over the last few years.

        the graudian was half decent when they published some stuff
        from assange and  were apparently opposing surveillance. That
        lasted for a couple of years at best? Before that the graudian
        was nothing but a propaganda outlet for left-wing fascism. And
        now it's again nothing but a propaganda outleft for left-wing

        As a note of sorts to self I thought the graudian was a
        relatively new mafia, but according to wikitrash its history
        goes back to 1821, when it was as far as I can tell
        'classicaly' liberal (or 'libertarian') leaning. 

> Also note she claimed:
> "I was standing with my Chronicle editor, Eve Batey, when Jake told
> the group he fucked the models, and that he’d ejaculate under or
> around the desk of someone he didn’t like. He joked, “Don’t drop your
> muffin, buddy!” And that’s when Eve and I bailed out."
> Funny how there hasn't been a peep from Batey about this.
> Rr
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> > In the popular press:
> > https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/oct/11/jacob-appelbaum-tor-project-sexual-assault-allegations

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