> For some portion of that time, Martin was in the world’s most elite hacker 
> shop: the NSA’s Tailored Access Organization, according to a former member of 
> the group."


Welp, He could have had the bots the NSA uses to make it look like China
and Russia are attacking US cyberstructure. They say he was 'front
office', but who really knows what that means in context of the NSA.

Make it look like Russia snitched #PodestaEmails for instance.

Perhaps Guccifer 2.0 is TAO. After all, the stuff's been posted at
wordpress.com and the site's moderators aren't taking it down.

On 10/06/2016 10:44 AM, Razer wrote:
> Unlike  Edward Snowden, who brought us information about the NSA's
> spying operations, Harold Thomas Martin III had been squirreling away
> Malware code, apparently for years (no word on whether he was author or
> contributor and was just saving snippets for other projects, which would
> still undoubtedly be illegal). Some of the code is apparently the kind
> that make it look like others are attacking a system, like Erections
> 2016 cyberops... botnets.
> They say he was being grilled to figure out his 'psychological
> motivations'... but perhaps they found their perfect opportunity to
> blame the election hacking on Russia and they didn't want some pissant
> contractor blowing their cyber and PR operation if the public found out
> that code was 'in the wild' and anyone could have been doing it.
> Rr

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