Saker interview! Covers some good ground here...

Take The Red Pill Or Fight World War 3. – Interview With The Saker

The main reason for the regular re-emergence of anti-Russian coalition
is the mistaken belief in the West that there is safety in numbers.  The
Russians know the exact opposite: in military terms, coalitions suck.
Badly.  The western leaders are fundamentally cowards who rule over
people who have long lost the warrior-culture which is so central to any
society which can stand up and defend itself, even against a superior

Some astounding history anecdotes of the crusades too...

Historically, the Ottomans have always been a rabid and even genocidal
enemy of Orthodoxy, and the modern Saudi-inspired Wahabis are no better,
but the rest of the Islamic world is objectively an ally of Russia just
as Russia is an objective ally of the Islamic world.

Both sides here need to “clean house”: the Russians need to free
themselves from the toxic influence of the pro-US Atlantic
Integrationists inside the Kremlin and “liberal” supporters in Russia
(less than 5% of the population) and the Sunni Muslims need to sever
their often too cozy ties with both the Wahabis and the Ottomans.

More Saker

"one of Russia’s greatest men"
Something truly amazing happened today
May 09, 2015

This title ... well, here it is :)

Every country has its history, except America that has a criminal
record. SITREP by Scott
October 08, 2016

(This is "Scott"'s blog, a bit wordy etc, but has a few nice quotable
quotes and overall sitrep, and some choice bits it's nice to not miss
due to Scott's attention to the scene ... here's one quote for the
impatient :) :
“President Putin has given you enough leeway to get out and to save your
faces, you refused and started promising us that you will attack Russian
cities. Ladies from Pentagon and CIA have forgotten that Russia has been
fighting jihadists on its territory since 90s, and won.  Russia has an
anti terror army equipped like no one else. Your ISIS terrorists from
Haifa, London, Brussels and Washington won’t have time to pack their
bloody comrades into body bags and flee. This is our promise, ladies.
Keep those adult diapers in hand.”  That’s my freelance interpretation
of Russia’s Defense Ministry’s statement.

And he links to this article which I wouldn't want to miss:
"I am surprised Putin did not demand to return Alaska."
(For the impatient - America has learned to swallow)

Finally, Syria sitrep for those with abundance of time to read:
October 03, 2016

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