On Oct 13, 2016 3:50 PM, "Razer" <ray...@riseup.net> wrote:
> On 10/13/2016 11:30 AM, "Cecilia Tanaka" wrote garbage having nothing to
do with anything:


Sorry, you need psychiatric treatment with urgence.  You are hysteric, very
disturbed and the list certainly is loving your little show, but I am
hating it.  Everybody here appreciates a lot neurotic and sick people, ego
trips, offenses and stupid messages, but it is being too much.  Stop it,

You send a lot of garbage to the list, but are too presumptuous to admiss

"Stolen identity", aff...  Very smart.  My friend was a Sherlock Holmes and
I didn't know.  Why don't you send your CV to NSA or CIA?  They always need
bright agents there.

Any stupid noob can verify who I am, Razer.  It isn't so hard.  Do you need
help with the searches?

>>  "Cecilia", who despite suicide threats to me offlist still seems very
much alive, <snip>

I seem very much alive because I am very much alive, my dear Razer.  With a
little pneumonia again, but my health never was my best quality and I will
be completely ok in 10 days, I think.  Don't worry, you are almost twice
older than me, but I certainly will die before you.

Months ago, I really loved and trusted you a lot and was just saying good
bye before killing myself.  I did it with some of my friends who live far
away from here.  Only three persons of this list received my desperate good
bye messages.  You were one of them and I choose very bad, because I
respected you a lot.

My really loved ones, my family and those friends for whom I would go to
Hell millions of times, searching for a lost Eurydice who never will be
there, would receive a letter and a music after my death.  Talking with
them would change everything and I had no courage to finish...  well, you

If you really think I am a fake profile, ask to Brazilian Law Bar
Association.  Here the name is 'OAB - Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil'.  You
can ask about me to some activists here and in San Francisco.  Deleted my
Facebook account.  Don't try to stalk me there like Zen already did, please.

If you have 50 bucks to waste with Nambla or similar garbage institution,
donate them to charity and give me this bundle as gift.  I love craft arts
and I will use these books with children, but not the Nambla's way, ugh!
Halloween is always fun and I love Make Magazines and Books!  Comfortable
reading and maker dreams, aww...  <3


Ok, you exposed me in public to humiliate me.  Are you happy now, feeling
better?  Would you like I try the suicide again?  Oh...  Sorry, I am not
breathing well in the moment and it will be very hard to climb your huge
ego to jump off there, aff...  :P

I love you, but the same way I used to love my last kitten.  He always
pooped in my Tributary Law books.  Only in the expensive ones, son of a bad
cat!  >:(

Take care and be well, Razer.  I never will write to you in private again
and I will ignore all your messages on this list.  You will be considered
spam like Zen, Alex, rooty, justa and this kind of people.  Please, ignore
me too.  I don't exist for you.  I am a fake profile created years ago,
just to annoy you in the future.

Cecilia Tanaka

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