> CYBERSECURITY. When someone starts trolling for my psychological soft
> spots under what I believe is a stolen identity, and invites a troll or
> bot (rooty) posting shit like

Trolling for psychological soft spots? On a list? I don't know, but I
don't think that would be very effective. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't
think the recon is done that way. Seems much more effective to leech
facebook and gmail for that sort of stuff.

If you, or others on the list are having serious suspicions to this effect..
Look for that sort of thing in your personal life. Text/online comms are
wholly prone to miscommunication / misinterpretation. Look at real life.
People at your job, and acquaintances with no loyalty to you would be the
first round of recruits. Especially look for acquaintances that suddenly
drop contact with you. They are folks that decided not to get involved and
are choosing to stay away. Misinformation is then spread to test/break the
loyalty of those closer to you. Maybe they need a bit of pressure too,

Not a fun scene if you experience it, until you get your bearings. Then it
can be immensely fun. Treat it as a game. Most importantly? Fake the soft
spots. Lies are your weapon, and being able to not flinch your main
shield. When you find someone gauging you, testing this or that wrongly,
fake discomfort, and try to keep a level of calm and be stone-faced or
non-chalant with anything else.

Basic misinformation on your part. Then you can shake THEM up easily down
the road by just shrugging off what they think should cause discomfort,
and subtly calling them out.

Feed their lies, basically. If they get something wrong, and you feed them
that it is right, it is very confusing for them and it helps act as a type
of "marker" for you to spot them in the future. Be off-puttingly friendly.
 Occasionally switch gears rapidly, with a subtle/vague threat/insult.
Fucks up the whole game plan on their part.

They build up a model trying to predict your reactions and behaviors. Blow
the expectations, and try to be more or less erratic. That will draw them
out if you're under any type of real surveillance.

Just a loose set of guidelines. YMMV, depending on who you're running into.

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