* Good news. The despotic USA empire is crumbling, the USA elite
  factions are sacrificing even the little remaining standing of their
  empire, on the altar of their political infighting.

* Bad news. The USA is crumbling, and being a dying dragon, must be
  treated with utmost caution, and continuing immovable resolve.

* Good news: Multi polar world is now a certainty! Russia has
  re-established her power status, her national integrity, and the
  military and diplomatic strength of her people, and on an
  international political platform which does -not- include imposing
  its political system on other countries.  Awesome news for those who
  seek a reasonably balanced world equation, notwithstanding personal
  utopias we might strive for in local pockets.

* Potentially bad news: the war party which is neither GOP nor DNC but
  whoever is funded by the American military industrial banking spying
  complex (i.e., usually both candidates are as bad as each other), is
  currently still headed by one of the two leading (in the public mind)
  candidates, Hitlery Clinton, so there's a chance she will be elected
  in November, which could mean a final push by the dying dragon for
  (Trump may be an unknown, but given the nuclear armageddon stakes,
  flipping a coin on Trump is far better odds than the sociopathic
  certainty of Hillary "we came, we saw, he died, hahahahaaaa" Clinton!)

May the world suffer events -other- than WW3, as the modern empire dies/

US ADMITS BIG LOSS IN SYRIA: Leaked Kerry recordings expose fear of
Russian victory
October 3, 2016

"All that is left is to squeeze [the USA] to recognize this [new
reality] not only on the sidelines of the UN, but officially.

I think that our [Russian] air force can handle this task."

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