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> > Are they about to experience mass disillusionment and exodus as
> > well, just like all "non-spook" Tor relays are about to shut down
> > because "everyone" who's not a spook is on Rapey Jakey's side?
>       lol Sean. So far what you've done here is post apologiges and
>       propaganda for the most despicable americunt corporations. And
>       granted, you had the 'decency' to admit you are an accomplice
>       or 'employee' of the one of the worst criminals on the planet.
>       Which nicely completed your profile.

OK, this is a protracted blogicle, with the following quote which ties
into our previous discussion above.

There's no chance of this offending anyone, so expect no "terror alert"
(sorry, we mean "safe words" ... ahh sorry, we'll remember it soon
enough - "trigger words" perhaps? may be that was it) warning :)

 But women are prone to 'social lying', something they are often not
 self conscious of, and in fairness shouldn't be called lying in
 reference to women - it is simply a different way of experiencing and
 describing reality - but in male terms, it is lying: this is a form of
 establishing their 'class' - because historically and perhaps
 biologically for women, 'class' is what class you signal and what class
 you are associated with and can marry into, it is a set of indicators
 and behaviours based in acting and appearing, and not per se what
 'class' in the strictly Weberian or Marxist sense that you belong to by
 way of income or relation to the means of production. This produces the
 Princess and the Pea phenomenon where suddenly everything becomes

 So what you end up is a culture based on feigned indignation, and
 hypocritically, and unrealistically so. 

 And this push to make the entire social sphere and civil society be
 framed on this basis has been a large part of PC culture in the
 Anglosphere. And it has nothing genealogically to do with 'the left' or
 'cultural Marxism', but everything to do with the democraticization (or
 trickling down) of Victorian and Puritan gender conceptions related to
 class and social behaviours. This is why it is pervasive in the
 Anglosphere, these double standards, and yet struggles to find a
 footing in Latin, Slavic, and Middle-eastern cultures (or, in the
 Mediterranean, where these three all collide) 

 Trump has effectively destroyed this PC cult of 'inappropriateness',
 where acceptable discourse has reached the lowest common denominator of
 what we'd want our 4 year old daughter to be exposed to, even in the
 majority of situations where no children are present.

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