On Oct 15, 2016 12:37 PM, <cecilia_tan...@tutanota.com> wrote:
> Please consider to stop posting on CP. You create threats of useless
nonsense. Your words make no sense at all.

* * *  I received more agressive messages, but I am copying the CypherPunks
list only in this specific answer to advertise the members that there is a
_fake profile_ using my real name.  * * *

Dear 'Fake Profile', aka 'Alex',

Please, consider seriously to study English better and learn the
differences between the words "thread" and "threat".

What you are doing with me in this moment is a "threat", a menace using my
own name and a fake account.  I don't create "threats", my dear.  I receive
them, like now.  :)

Please, consider to use a good English dictionary, Alexander.  The word
"threat" can be used as a substantive or a principal verb.  It doesn't need
the use of the verb "to create".

"Useless nonsense" is creating a fake account just to write a message using
an English worst than mine.  Tsk, tsk...  What a shame, bad boy!

I admiss I am too lazy to use the dictionary in all the moments, but if you
want to use my name in a fake profile, please, be less repetitive and use a
better grammar.  I am annoying, but not so stupid like you.

I will stop posting _only_ if I want it.  Why would be acceptable for you
to be an idiot and posting here and not for me?  It's very unfair, dear.

Hey, Razer told you about the message that I sent him yesterday, asking
peace, begging to stop with this kind of garbage on the list?  He respected
our deal.  Please, be rational and stop the bullying too.

Grown up and get a life, Alex.  A real one, not a profile at 'Second Life'
game or my fake profile, ok?  Believe me, I am more beautiful and charming
than you.  And you're a bit older and hairy too, hoho...  :)

Cecilia Tanaka, the real one!  ;)

* PS:  -  About all the other nasty, bitter and cruel messages...  Yawn,
too boring...  (-_-)* zzz...

Sorry, I will be very, very busy making my fabulous manicure, so I will
ignore all your offenses.  No answers for you.

Pardon, if I wanted to see angry bitches barking and growling, I would
visit pit bulls kennels.  Today is a lovely sunny Saturday here and I have
more interesting things to do, la la la!  <3  <3  <3

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