On 10/16/2016 05:41 PM, grarpamp wrote:
> https://theintercept.com/2016/10/16/i-am-fully-capable-of-entertaining-myself-in-prison-for-decades-if-need-be/
> I never really got a chance to play any pen-and-paper role-playing
> games growing up, so being thrown into a prison system in which such
> things as Dungeons and Dragons are relatively common constituted one
> of the silver linings of my 2012 arrest, along with not having to deal
> with an infestation of those little German roaches that had colonized
> my kitchen or having to see “World War Z.”

The current incarnation of projectpm he links to in the article is still
being DNS'd by Cloudflare. That happened right after he was arrested and
the domain changed. It was my line of questioning when I was set up for
an ambush interview on twitter with Cloudflare's CEO by Yasha Levine.
All he said was something about the people at the site oking it, but he
never stated who (didn't expect him to divulge that info) and waffled
when asked if Barrett's people had authorized it or the server's OWNER
had authorized it, then shut the convo down.

The IP is currently registered to "Incapsula" which appears to be
're-leasing' Cloudflare's DNS to the public and the identity of person
or persons owning the domain name is identity protected.

I WOULD NOT trust it. Barrett had addictive problems, an easy mark if
the government was trying to get him to 'turn'. Junkies don't have the
kind of ethics you'd want to risk your freedom over.

Just sayin'


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