Prison leaves no person unchanged. This list is something else. I can't hardly 
believe the people that frequent here. I often wonder about the people that 
don't say anything. The first time I read this list was sometime in mid to late 
90's. If I remember right, there was a lot of code posted that I didn't have 
any clue about.

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On Oct 16, 2016, 5:41 PM, grarpamp wrote:

I never really got a chance to play any pen-and-paper role-playing
games growing up, so being thrown into a prison system in which such
things as Dungeons and Dragons are relatively common constituted one
of the silver linings of my 2012 arrest, along with not having to deal
with an infestation of those little German roaches that had colonized
my kitchen or having to see “World War Z.”

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