> It is funny, in a sad way, to see a nominally "anarchist oriented"
> forum dominated by people bickering over the relative virtues of their
> preferred nationalist heroes, a.k.a. mass murderers and their excuses
> for same.  Funny, but inevitable.

Yup. A large percentage of people fall for some type of
cult-of-personality. And those movements or ideologies that don't start
with explicit leaders, end up electing certain figures by consensus
opinion, and then quoting them as authorities, and using their words to
justify one's own opinions or beliefs. The amount of 'atheists' that
piously quote Dawkins, for instance, is always amusing to me.

> The problem of controlled mass delusion has been recognized as a
> problem for at least a couple of thousand years - see the early
> Gnostic literature, modern Sufi praxis, and everything in between.

Excellent point. At bottom, truly anti-Orthodox opinions in general stay
strictly the domain of a small percent of truly free thinkers.

> There has been no significant progress beyond that already
> accomplished in ancient times.

Mm. Talk less. Meditate more.

> Factual information and practical
> object lessons have no impact, unless the percipient already has a
> strong predisposition for self observation and meta-thinking, which
> apparently requires some unusual combination of genetics and early
> environmental drivers.

What we need then is a conspiracy of well-placed scientists and doctors to
isolate those genetic markers, keep the work secret, and to create a
retrovirus that can unleashed to cause the required DNA rewrite. That
technology could be close, as well.

> "Never try to teach a pig to sing.  It wastes your time and annoys the
> pig." - W.C. Fields

Genetically cross the pig and a songbird.

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