Not only are the NWO throwing its Media SJW's and random attention
whores against Trump in their attempts to blow him out and deflect
all the leaks regarding Clinton...

But they now appear to have possibly run an anon cyber op on a few
Canadians (who filed report to Bahamas police) through some perverse
and dangerous scam dating site in Texas, thus convincing site to
a) courier this seemingly "too stupid and unlikely to be true" pedo
story against Assange via their former (now rightfully and immediately
revoked and delisted) UN Global Compact association, and b) file
same in UK Court under a pointless contract dispute.

The ploys these asshole politicians may be resorting to in order
to stay in power is ridiculous.  Sunshine Be Upon Them!

Such is one possible interpretation... it remains to be seen what
the real story is here. Stay tuned.

United Nations Report COP/RTCS/290/18
United Nations GC Member: T&C Network Solutions (
Member Level: Advanced
October 4, 2016
Report 9403.02
Agenda: UN GC Principle 10
98-86970 (E)
UK lawsuit (Ref #C9QZ4K3T)

Statement of Support by United Nations GC Member
Appendix 1.1: Summary of the plaintiff's summons in UK lawsuit (Ref #C9QZ4K3T)
against Julian Assange by for breach of contract.
[As disclosed in this report, the context of our UK court action
against Mr Assange
significantly relates to a criminal investigation by the Royal Bahamas
Police Force (RBPF)
into Mr Julian Assange's alleged procurement and internet grooming of
an 8-year-old girl in
Nassau, Bahamas, that was reported by the family of a
female user.]

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