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>Not only are the NWO throwing its Media SJW's and random attention
>whores against Trump in their attempts to blow him out and deflect
>all the leaks regarding Clinton...
In the last few days, there is an interesting rumor that Anonymous is going to 
release a video of Bill Clinton raping a 13 year old girl, said to have 
occurred about 2002..  (Google 'Bill Clinton 13' for some urls.)  For an 
example, see:
  Now, it's really too early to credit this, since nobody seems to have the 
actual video available yet.  But if it actually comes out, as portrayed, even 
if it doesn't throw the election to Trump, I think it will certainly be 
necessary for Hillary to refuse to allow Bill back into the White House.  And 
there will be the question of whether Hillary could NOT have been informed of 
its existence, at some recent point.  Why should she allow Bill to participate 
in the campaign, further, if at some point she had become aware?  Now that this 
story has been at least partly leaked, will she let Bill participate now?  
Of course, this could also just be disinformation.  Myself, I would have 
preferred that they simply reveal the video, rather just a teaser.         Jim 


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