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> Spy agencies team up with National Academies
> Expanded ties include new board, first-ever survey of social sciences
> and security
> By Jeffrey Mervis
> In an unprecedented move, U.S. intelligence agencies are teaming up with
> the nation’s most prestigious scientific body in a bid to make better
> use of findings from the country’s leading social and behavioral scientists.
> Some observers see the new intelligence board as a successor to an ODNI
> science advisory panel that Clapper abolished after becoming the
> nation’s top spy in 2010. “It seems like at least an admission that the
> abandonment of [that advisory board] was a mistake and that there is an
> important role for independent advice from academics to the intelligence
> community,” says Steven Aftergood, who leads the government secrecy
> project at the Federation of American Scientists in Washington, D.C.
> Gaukel may have inadvertently given the pending decadal survey its
> marching orders during his summit talk on what intelligence analysts do.
> “We’re looking for truth,” he said. “But we’re particularly looking for
> truth that works.”

"We used to say 'firetruck science and waterboard the bastards', but it
got out that
a) we are torturing brown and other folks, and
b) there's no damn scientific basis showing that torture works!"

"Well damn the scientists! They're supPOSED to make it right! What's
your problem with this torture anyway? At least we get answers and
sometimes get valid data on who to bomb next!"

"What's that? You say that can never be proven since the folks 'dobbed
in' and bombed to death due to the information gained from those that
were tortured, can never give their side of the story?
What firetrucking bullshit! They were BAD guys and we bombed the fruck
out o' them - so good bloody riddence!"

"'Thats a PR problem' I hear you say? Well, shiit! Now you got me! Ok,
ok, ok, O FIRETRUCKING K OK? Well, bring the damn scientists back then!"

"Fricken citizens! Fricken wayward fringe fricken jounralists 'exposing'
shit - what's -up- that shit?!!??!!! Bloody world's gone to shit I tell
ya!!!  Off with their heads I say!"

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