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> http://projectveritasaction.com/

This links to here:

which includes this interesting snippets:
"A week later, PVA released a third video, entitled “Australian Labor
Party Assisting Democratic US Campaigns in Violation of Campaign Finance
Laws.” This video shows Australians talking about how they are here in
the United States working for the Sanders campaign at the expense of the
Australian Labor Party, which is a clear violation of FEC laws. Again,
Mr. LaBonte sent PVA a similar threatening letter.

As a partial result of the videos, the New Hampshire House just passed a
bill which would require 10 days of residency in the Granite State in
order to be eligible to vote.  The bill is now heading to the Senate,
but Governor Maggie Hassan vetoed similar legislation last year.

Fascinating intertwinings. New Hampshire too. I can see how "10 day
residency as minimum requirement to vote" would be quite attractive to
dominant parties, and although it would swing both ways (50K free
state project settlers could swing key areas in this way too), it sounds
much too open to abuse, and sounds founded on abuse of, the so-called
democratic system. Minimum residency period is a question I had not
contemplated before... 3 months be reasonable? 1 year surely ok?

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