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> On Oct 16, 2016 4:05 PM, "juan" <juan....@gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> >         I say you are an ignorant nerd who thinks that any sort of
> > pseudo
> technical bullshit is Holy Science. You are just a recycled christian.
> People > Technology, always.  But Science always was my real
> religion, my dear Juan.  I have real faith that technology can make
> the world better, minimizing the human misery.

        Yes, moral issues take precendence over mere technical facts.
        So, having 'faith' in technology doesn't make sense. 

        Plus, it's quite obvious that technology can be used to kill
        and control the biggest number of people in the most
        'efficient' way.
        And that is exactly what's happening right now thanks to your
        'friends' at google and the rest of 'captains' of 'industry'.

> I don't care about being a low profile nerd.  It only means I
> recognize the importance of technical knowledge to help the people.

        Or to destroy them.

> If you want to see the climate changes in person, spend some time in
> my country.  

        You don't get it.

> It's very shocking see in person how the weather is
> becoming extremely crazy in the last years.
> If you want to know austistic persons or Asperger Syndrome bearers 

        I already explained the issue. Check the archives.

> in
> person and interact with them, please, visit my city.  It will be a
> pleasure to show you that it is _not_ simply shyness, but something
> much more complex.
> I won't have patience, time and health enough for a flame war with
> you now, 

        Fine. There's no point in you parroting for the Nth time the
        same commonplace nonsense.  I get all the establishmente views.
        There isn't anything 'punk' in parroting propaganda.

> but I would like to remember you that there are zillions of
> interpretations of the same facts, my dear.

        So anything you say is just 'your opinion'  and 
        'interpretation'. It is not true. End of the Game.

> Personally, I try to respect _all_ the sincere Human Searches for
> Answers, using Science, Religions or whatever.  People are nothing
> without curiosity.
> Take care and have lovely days and nights, my dear Juan.  Sincere
> kisses and hugs!  <3
> And, please, no flame wars for now.  We all need a bit of peace and
> gentleness, time for having good ideas to protect everybody's rights
> to privacy and freedom of speech and expression...  and destroy or
> really change governments, of course!  <3
> Ceci

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