On 18 October 2016 22:38:43 GMT+01:00, grarpamp <grarp...@gmail.com> wrote:
>VeraCrypt 1.18 and its bootloaders were evaluated. This release
>included a number of new features including non-western developed
>encryption options, a boot loader that supports UEFI (modern BIOSes),
>and more.
>QuarksLab found:
>8 Critical Vulnerabilities
>3 Medium Vulnerabilities
>15 Low or Informational Vulnerabilities / Concerns
>This public disclosure of these vulnerabilities coincides with the
>release of VeraCrypt 1.19 which fixes the vast majority of these high
>priority concerns. Some of these issues have not been fixed due to
>high complexity for the proposed fixes, but workarounds have been
>presented in the documentation for VeraCrypt.

Are ostif.org a big target for DDoS?
They hide behind Cloudflare and so become another useful site for gathering 
intel on ppl who would like to encrypt their files.

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