On Oct 19, 2016 2:18 AM, "Александр" <afalex...@gmail.com> wrote:
>  <SNIP>  johny new-man (dick-man) took it as the ONLY and the MAJOR hook
he's got on Zen and now he bites him with it every Monday and Saturday.

John, do you "bite" Zenaan only at Mondays and Saturdays?  Do you want to
take turns?  So you can rest and choose better days for you, hahaha!!!  ;D

Please, talking seriously, bite your girlfriend or more interesting
persons.  Zen sent me some pics of him in private and I prefer to bury my
face in an ice cream pot, instead his lap, hahaha!!!  You know, I like men
and it is not exactly the case...  Too much Vegemite!  :)

> And whenever i see your post/someone qoutes you, i get a vomit reflex,
because i know it's gonna be super stupid or super ugly (the same refers to
Tanaka's posts, by the way).

Hey, it's good!  Thanks, Alex!  I love when people calls me "Tanaka"!  It's
my surname and I absolutely love it.  My family's legacy for me, my
heritage, my origins, my blood.  In Japanese, we always say the blood is
stronger (denser) than the water.  <3

Your friend Zen saw "artistic beauty" when a nuclear bomb killed great part
of Tanaka family, who still lived in Hiroshima.  Part of my family heritage
are deaths and ashes, because disgusting people like Zen, like you, Alex,
and Putin, and his North Korean dearest friend, Kim Jong-un, think it is
"beautiful" to menace countries and to destroy cities and lives.  I prefer
music and poetry, but psichopaths see beauty in massacres, in censorship,
in menace people with all kind of arms, including the nuclear ones...

> So i repeat my reply to one of your attacks on Zen:
> SHUT THE FUCK UP and leave this Great Human Being with the name "Zenaan".
> (◣◢)┌∩┐

Err...  Sorry, Alex, considering the received pics, I think it will be much
better for you stay flirting with Putin.  Zen definitely does _not_ seem a
"Great Human Being" in any sense and he is sooo boring...  Putin, at least,
is beautiful and likes sex, even being a political corrupt monster...  Keep
licking him instead annoy the list.  It'll be a better way of "serving your
country", hihi!  ;)

Hmm...  Your middle fingers have boners too, Alex.  Interesting.  It
happens a lot on this list.  I never will be a patent troll, but it would
be hilarious to announce the patented "CypherPunk Viagra for Fingers", an
useful method for satisfying your lover!  The merchandising could be
"Because fingers make much more than typing!"  :D

Here in Brazil, the men say "Enquanto eu tiver língua e dedo, mulher
nenhuma me mete medo!", in a sexual reference to use very well tongue and
fingers when "the little pony doesn't want to ride", hahaha!!!  ;D

The bad translation would be something, more or less, like "While I have
tongue and fingers, no woman will scare me!"  (will be not satisfied).  :)

Pneumonias are boring.  Still feeling bad, really sick, but life is fun.  I
want to live, be happy and kick some asses before leaving forever.  :)

Lovely days and nights for all of you.  Tender wishes of joy and inner
peace.  And laugh!  :D

Tanaka  <3

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