Social Control Megamix ... pOPdEFECT Radio

Sound collage Megamix of music, film and media on the subject of Social
Control, Awareness and Resistance. reoccurring clips from the film THX
1138 among others.

Audio samples from:

Pink Floyd - Welcome To The Machine, Another Brick in the Wall (film
scene) Alice Cooper - Clones, Bad Religion - Sanity, Frank Zappa -
Central Scruitinizer, Trouble Every Day, Ministry - NWO, Girlschool with
Dio/Tony Iommi - I Spy, Spirit - 1984, Triumph - Just A Game, The
Godfathers - Birth, School, Work, Death J. Geils Band - Sanctuary,
Violent Femmes - Children of the Revolution, Every Breath You Take/Theme
>From Peter Gunn (Mashup) Muse - Uprising

The dubover Spirit's 1984 somewhere around minute 30 is awesome...

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