> Shadow Brokers Calls It Quits After Failing To Get Buyers For NSA Exploits
> But group says it is still willing to dump its collection of Linux and
> Windows tools if it gets 10,000 bitcoins.
> 1/12/2017
> Just days after offering for sale a database of Windows exploits
> allegedly purloined from an outfit thought to be affiliated with the
> National Security Agency (NSA), the infamous ShadowBrokers hacking
> crew has apparently decided to call it quits.
> As a parting gift, they released an archive of nearly five-dozen
> Windows hacking tools for free Thursday in an apparent last ditch
> effort to convince potential buyers of the authenticity of their goods.
> They also promised to come out of hiding and still release a
> collection of Linux and Windows exploits in their possession to anyone
> willing to pay the equivalent of slightly more than $8 million (10,000
> bitcoins at current rates) for it.
> In a parting note on the group’s website, the Shadow Brokers claimed
> the decision to go dark had to do entirely with money, or rather the
> fact they hadn’t made as much of it as expected from their hacking wares.
> The language in the note appeared almost deliberately contrived to
> make it seem as if members of the group are non-native English
> speakers. “Despite theories, it always being about bitcoins for
> TheShadowBrokers,” the note claimed. “Free dumps and bullshit
> political talk was being for marketing attention.”
> The farewell note expressed the group’s disappointment with their lack
> of success in finding buyers for attack tools they had tried to
> auction off last year and admonished people for not believing in the
> Shadow Brokers...


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