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>>> On 1/15/2017 11:20 AM, Cecilia Tanaka wrote:
>>> Do you really think that the color of a person' skin is more important
>>> than their feelings, ideas and actions?
> In practice, the consequences of applying the same laws in the same way to 
> people of different races are so disastrous that even progs have one hundred 
> and one hypocritical and ingenious ways of ensuring that different races are 
> subject to different laws, de facto and de jure.
> For example, obviously alcohol should be legal for whites, and illegal for 
> feather Indians (native north Americans) and progs have one hundred and one 
> legal rationales for making this happen, for example alcohol is commonly 
> illegal in and near Indian reservations.
> Drug laws are enforced very differently for blacks and whites, because drugs 
> have disastrous effects on black communities, but not white communities.  
> Whites on marijuana do not cause problems for other people, as near to none 
> of them as make no difference.  All blacks on marijuana cause big problems 
> for other people, as near to all of them as makes no difference.

All blacks on marijuana cause "big problems"? Show me a source for that absurd 
line of bullshit. Have you ever met a black person, you insanely offensive 
fucking pile of shit?

In addition to being a set of racist screeds that are 99% bullshit and, like 
all racist dogma in the US, don't even begin to take into account the fact that 
black people were enslaved for ~250 years, your putrid fucking nonsense has 
nothing to do with this list.

Why is an asshole like you posting here?

> The closer someone's race is to apes, the worse the effect of alcohol and 
> drugs.  This difference between races is much larger than the difference 
> between individuals of the same race.
> The difference is quite evident even with the highly evolved East Asians.  
> Venture capitalists usually suspect that engineers are trying to scam them 
> (and usually engineers are trying to scam them) so they like to get drunk 
> with the people they are considering funding, for in wine their is truth.  
> But even a small amount of alcohol is apt to make an East Asian badly behaved 
> and physically ill.  So the highly evolved East Asians are reluctant to drink 
> enough that you can rely on them to speak truth, so business deals involving 
> East Asians tend to rely more on shared blackmail material, and less on 
> getting drunk together.
> A white engineer will cheerfully drink a lot more than an East Asian 
> engineer, but unlike the East Asian engineer, will remain well behaved and 
> fit as a fiddle, even though his ability and inclination to lie collapses.
> It is hard to get East Asian engineers drunk enough to get the truth out of 
> them, and if you do get them drunk enough to get the truth out of them, they 
> are likely to chuck up.
> With less evolved races however, the worse alcohol affects them, the more 
> they are inclined to drink it, lacking the self control of East Asians.
> Thus in practice, even in very prog San Francisco, drug laws are enforced one 
> way on whites, and in a very different, much harsher, way on blacks, and that 
> is the way the black community likes it.

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