I had never heard of Fiume, formerly an Italian city, now a Croatian
city called Rijeka, which apparently ran for several years after
WWI with a more-or-less legit "Anarchist" (Anarcho-Syndacilist)
constitution (if such a thing isn't a self-contradiction).

Bruce Stering's latest novella "Pirate Utopia" turned me on to the
existence of the historical "Free State of Fiume".  I've just barely
cracked the book open, although I am much looking forward to devouring
it, but it seems to be an alternate history "diesel-punk" story focused
on Fiume and the possibilites of anarchy and technology (albeit
WWI-era tech).

Background info on Fiume after WWI (but before Mussolini became the big
swinging dick):


Great interview with Bruce Sterling on the Geeks Guide podcast about
"Pirate Utopia", he talks quite a bit about Fiume:



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