On Wed, Feb 01, 2017 at 07:03:32PM +0000, jim bell wrote:
> >>  (Corporations own property, today.) 
>  >   So? Mafias chartered by the state 'own' 'property'. The state
>   >  creates more than a few legal devices to favor
>   > businesses. Big businesses today are the poster child for
>   > corporatism and mercantilism. Exactly the economic system that
>  >  libertarians are supposed to oppose.
> True, corporations are a legal fiction, a creation of a State.

> Some substitute for this will have to be created.  

This is a statement which may go south.

Humans have instinct to cooperation, for mutual or "tribal"/ group

That instinct to cooperation would likely lead to creative external
expressions of "working together", some in contract by paper, some by
handshakes, some merely cooperation whilst expedient and or personally
beneficial, depending on the nature of the individuals involved.

I guess the point is, and I'm sure you'd agree, in the absence of a
State, these expressions would occur "naturally" without the artificial
impositions "mafia protections" by the state, and would not "have to be
created". It is very easy to use language from the old context (in this
case, government/ mafia think).

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