> And if you're up against an adversary 1 or 2 above can't handle, let us
> know what your secret number 3 and grand operation was someday
> before you die, become a legend ;)

It is very simple. When facing an immense conspiracy exploit internal
contradictions, and increase the degree of Clausewitzian frictions to an
untenable point where the giant combine's gears are being fed sand. Take
every action possible that will not worsen your situation, and do not
follow your enemy's script, or failing that, follow your enemy's script but
take actions in scrambled order. Sometimes it is best to engage with
extreme caution, to collect evidence to build a case of the existence of a

Keep your ear out for every possibility.

These are elementary rational steps, and is the core concept of any
warfighting strategy in all eras. Worsen your enemy's position while not
worsening your own. Everything flows from that.

Besides, it is funny how the Tor project isn't DDOSed. Costs only $100,000
per month to take it out. It's not complex math. The fact that it exists,
implies that there are hidden interests.

An enemy that does that act in favor of his obvious interests means he has
hidden interests. To defeat your opponent, act in favor of your own
interests and deny your enemy's ability to achieve his to pressure a
quicker resolution.

Yeah, I read things and I actually understood them. As opposed to the
million walking Chinese rooms.

Also, by the way, a lot of the things the NSA does isn't actually
classified. Robert Graham talks about them all the time. (which makes you
lot hilariously incompetent)


Apparently the baseband processor is totally insecure. Has any made any
research into this? To whose interests is this inaction benefiting? Who is
working for whom?

Do not fight to fight. Fight to win. Otherwise you are just wasting your

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