On February 25, 2017 5:45:07 AM EST, ra...@freedbms.net wrote:
>First they de-associate PewDiePie, then de-monetize Alex Jones, then
>shadow ban Natural News from all search results after its founder
>refuses to discredit Alex Jones, and finally they re-monetize
>Google - effing hypocritical money grubbing deceptive sluts, ignoring
>their purported "ethics" except to maximise profit and grease the MSM
>It's time to DEMAND that google kick-ban PewDiePie now!
>Messed up,
>Butthurt SJW PewDiePie Attempts to Stop Heroic WSJ Jew Burners

Hey Razer somehow morphed into Z*n! Strange things afoot! Must be a full moon. 
Or Zzz is a fucking idiot :)

Don't send email as other people, it's lame, and it defeated my Z*n filter. I 
guess I just plonk all of freedbms.net. 

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