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>> Hackermoon...
>>> 13.7 billion years ago, the Big Bang brought the universe into
>>> existence. 3.8 billion years ago, life first appeared on our planet.
>>> 1.9 million years ago, Earth witnessed a hominid species, Home
>>> erectus, walking upright for the first time.
> I don't believe a single character of this approximate speculation.


Ok then... Try this on...

> Why don't we ever challenge the spherical earth theory?"
> "Huh?"
> "Look," Joe said. "If all the scientists and eggheads and commies and
> liberals are pushing it in our
> schools all the time, there must be something a little fishy about it.
> Did you ever stop to think that there's no way— just no way at all— to
> reconcile a spherical earth with the story of the Flood, or Joshua's
> miracle, or Jesus standing on the pinnacle of the Temple and seeing
> all the kingdoms of the earth? And I ask you, man to man, in all your
> travels have you ever seen the curvature anywhere? Every place I've
> been is flat. Are we going to trust the Bible and the evidence of our
> own senses, or are we going to listen to a bunch of agnostics and
> atheists in laboratory smocks?"
> "But the earth's shadow on the moon during an eclipse . . ."
> Joe took a dime out of his pocket and held it up. 'This casts a
> circular shadow, but it's flat, not
> spherical."
> Cotex stared into space for a long moment, while Joe waited with
> suppressed excitement.
> "You know something?" Cotex said finally, "all the Bible miracles and
> our own travels and the shadow on the moon would make sense if the
> earth was shaped like a carrot and all the continents were on the flat
> end—"
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