Cypherpunk Desert Bus: Zcash Trusted Setup Ceremony

Peter Todd and I have been going back and forth on the Zcash ceremony
last October and whether it could have been compromised. He officially
signed off on everything but is now having some doubts after the
Intel AMT vulnerability. He now thinks it could have been possible
for the setup DVD's to have been altered and he is planning on
checking them which he still has control over. Pretty interesting
developments still unfolding on twitter as both of us discuss this.
@PeterToddBTC @BRBillionaire

Last November, journalist Morgen Peck showed up at her friend Molly
Webster's apartment in Brooklyn, told her to take her battery out
of her phone, and began to tell her about The Ceremony, a moment
last fall when a group of, well, let's just call them wizards, came
together in an undisclosed location to launch a new currency. It's
an undertaking that involves some of the most elaborate security
and cryptography ever done (so we've been told). And math. Lots of
math. It was all going great until, in the middle of it, something
started to behave a little...strangely.

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