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"James A. Donald" <jam...@echeque.com> wrote:

> > On Sun, 6 Aug 2017 17:09:38 +0800
> > "James A. Donald" <jam...@echeque.com> wrote:
> >> At google, all opinions from the frothing at the mouth biting mad
> >> genocidal left
> On 2017-08-06 17:17, juan wrote:
> >     uh oh - except for the little fact that google is the most
> >     right wing mafia on the planet, since google is nothing but
> > an arm of your government.
> Which government has been moving left since 1820, so that today's 
> government is left of Pol Pot.

        Not sure why you chose 1820? I don't think anything special
        happened at that time. 

        The US was 'founded' as a *slave society* by a bunch of
        'ex' monarchists. So the US gov't was from its very beginning a
        far right tyranny. 

        But the thing is,  something like the right wing, american,
        joo-kristian, slave society from 1700s is hardly different from
        a commie tyranny in many ways. In both systems you have a small
        oligarchy at the top, and slaves at the bottom. 

        So the left/right division can be quite meaningless, or can
        nicely illustrate that, as I said, left and right are close

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