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> >> On 2017-08-06 17:17, juan wrote:
> >>>   uh oh - except for the little fact that google is the most
> >>>   right wing mafia on the planet, since google is nothing
> >>> but an arm of your government.
>  > "James A. Donald" <jam...@echeque.com> wrote:
> >> Which government has been moving left since 1820, so that today's
> >> government is left of Pol Pot.
> On 2017-08-07 06:02, juan wrote:
> >     Not sure why you chose 1820? I don't think anything special
> >     happened at that time.
> The proposition that women are saints, and would never do anything
> bad except evil men make them do it,

        except that's joo kristian bullshit and so it's older than 1820

        Then again, you keep making my point. What you see as 'left'
        actually is right wing garbage. 

        Most of feminist bullshit is anti-sex puritanism coming
        orginally from right wing joo-kristianity. Notice how both the
        catholic church and O'Brien run the anti sex league. 

> therefore there is no need to
> enforce marriage vows upon women, only upon men, triumphed at that
> time, resulting in the collapse of marriage, the collapse of total
> fertility, and intolerable levels of women giving birth to bastards
> in the rain and mud in dark alleys.
> Intolerable levels intolerable levels of women giving birth to
> bastards in the rain and mud in dark alleys led, via "Les Miserables"
> and "Oliver Twist", to the vote for women and to today's welfare
> state, 

        The welfare state is of course older than that

        If you actually were anti state you'd be against the family too,
        because the family is the source of all the authoritarian
        nonsense or 'culture' that makes the state possible. 

> where the women are brides of Uncle Sam, and the boys
> masturbate to anime in their mother's basement.

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