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>       If you actually were anti state you'd be against the family too,
>       because the family is the source of all the authoritarian
>       nonsense or 'culture' that makes the state possible. 

Of course the logic in this is logical, but ...

Yes, he who grows up with an abusive authoritarian father, meek and
submissive mother possibly also violent upon the child when the
father is away (taking out her repressed anger on the one small and
unable to defend himself) may have a tendency to grow into his
father's boots and support or recreate an authoritarian state where
none otherwise exists.

But he who grews up with a single mum, not quite a bastard child,
"missing out" on certain holidays trips and other extra curricular
activities by virtue of "living in the alley", struggling to find
sane boundaries and a grounding authority (external or internal) may
also swing toward recreating or supporting the authoritarian state.

Point being, broken families in no way guarantee something other than
maintenance of a despotic authoritarian state! In fact far from it, I
posit that broken families, by virtue of the lack of grounding
authority and sane boundaries-upon-which-to-safely-test-and-grow-ones-
internal-strengths as a child, leads almost inevitably to desire for
a strong external state authority, and therefore an authoritarian
state! (personal experience of experiences and consequent inner
reactions/ motivations arising therefrom)

Those who have been abused by external authority, either state or
family, may well seek ("other") external authorities to "improve my

And when the state and other created-by-the-state (/church)
authorities provide backup, support and effective sanction for
despotic family authority, the child who grows up suffering the
bottom of the shit pile may instead of seeking "another external
authority", may say "damn, y'all full o lies and abuse, keep your
damned authority away from me!"

But those bastard childs who grow up in broken families, no families,
and also those who grow up in balanced grounded "reasonable"
families, can also reach this comprehension of external authorities
vs "my own internal authority", and conclude that "my own internal
authority would actually be relatively functional in this world, at
as compared with the external authorities I have experienced" - stop
imposing upon me, and you might find we can create a high functioning
world together as "a community" or whatever you want to name it.

The problem is, that many humans today fail to witness their own role
in the interplay between their own actions and the external
authorities that react, or respond, to those actions (let alone
actually witnessing one's own internal authority!),

and so the majority (by this lack of insight) clamour for external
authorities "to fix the problems", and the extant authorities readily
claim to be able to solve said problems, and the rest of the majority
tend to believe, or at least go along with all this and maintain the
external authorities by active and/ or tacit consent,

and thus is perpetuated the existing state of affairs of external
authorities, which the evidence shows is full of graft and ready
corruptibility by $.

The age old problem continues, pursuant to the average state of
consciousness of ones fellow humans.

The current reality of the predominant existence of external
authorities and their tools and abuse of power, and the overwhelming
tendency of the average human to clamour for said external
authorities, is the reality we face.

For any journey of change, it is from the present reality that we
begin, communicating with today's fellow humans, not some ideal
utopian humans we wished existed - we're in this together, like it or

Good luck,

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