- PHP, where you gor for all your subjugative needs.

 - Joogle, for subjugation dictating your needs, which needs
   shall NOT include free political expression within Google!

 - PHP, where submission to PC-sexuality is required, biatch!

 - Joogle, where "advancing incorrect assumptions about gender"
   thankfully will never result in a polite discussion nor correction
   of said assumptions, but instead in your Instant, Permanent
   dissmissal from the company, long service leave not included:


Damnably impressive stuff, (((Google))), damnably impressive!

So who ever said Jewgle was tolerant and inclusive?  Oh that's right,
Google's recently appointed and exceptionally well paid Official
Hook Nosed VP of (((Tolerance))) and (((Inclusion))), one Ms Danielle
Brown, that's who :)

And here she is in all her corporately-correct, hook nosed glory:
 Google's vice president of diversity, Danielle Brown, sent a memo in
 response to the furore over the weekend, saying the engineer's essay
 "advanced incorrect assumptions about gender".

Glad you cleared -that- one up, Ms Brown, we might have been left
wondering exactly why you fired a senior computing engineer,

We can now rest in the certainty that (((Google))) is not a socially
dangerous place where people can actually express politically
contentious (if factually loose) political views or positions without
a hearty and entirely "reasonable" response by Google of being
instantly fired with no recourse.

You know, safe spaces an' all being so necessary in this day and age.

Can't have people saying things willy nilly you know - they might
just pop out some of those ... words or something.

And these words? They must NOT be trifled with!!

"Why" you ask?

Because next thing, someone else might actually hear (or in this
case, shock horror, effing READ) those words, and then all hell might
break loose because people could think about such words.

But the worst horror of all? ...

<deep breath>


oh, the tears!

the humanity!


(sorry, I'm having trouble coping with the enormity of the danger and
 the wrecklessness thankfully curtailed by Joogle right now ...
 juyst need a moment to collapse myself ...)

... so, people, you know, people might actually BELIEVE those

There! I said it!  I said what all those other cowards failed to find
the courage to say, --includin-- Mr Weinerstein!

I know, I know, you're finding it hard to cope right now too.  We're
going to have a cry-in at Juan's, since his approach to communication
is exactly what we all need right now ... a safe space, a space where
we are free from unacceptable thoughts, let alone those dangerous,
--dangerous-- words!   (Did I mention those DANGEROUS words!!!)

(My GOD we must get this message out!)

Thanks guys ... I knew you'd understand.  I'm only heartened by
Joogle's rock solid commitment to creating a safe space where, even
though I'm not there, I can know in my heart that others like me can
be emotionally safe, free from all politically contentious confront
words, while they work for the NSA, the CIA and the rest of USA's Zio
Deep State.  It's not quite safe-spacing the whole world just yet,
but we're on the way friends, we're on the way!


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Julian Assange offers job to fired Google employee who wrote anti-diversity memo
   Julian Assange has offered the Google employee who was fired for
   writing an anti-diversity memo a job at Wikileaks.
   Assange, who is currently [standing for our freedoms - !Lauren] in
   the Ecuadorian embassy, tweeted multiple times in support of James
   Damore, the engineer who wrote the memo which went viral.

 - - -

Well, that pretty much says it all, doesn't it? I am now officially
a supporter of Assange, free speech, and the right to individual
political free expression.

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