So Jabba the Hutt, aka "BIS Chief" Agustin Carstens (the token goy
front man currently at Lord Rothschild's personal "reserve bank of
reserve banks" the Bank of International Settlements (BIS)), has
expressed concern for the "systemic threat" that the central banks
(seriously, the banks), actually do face from digital currencies such
as Bitcoin.

Welp, wonders of awareness never cease.

Better start focusing on your privacy tech folks, as the SHTF, shitty
statute "laws" are gonna hit the books with the Western "elite cabal"
owned by their pedophile blackmailed balls, the BIS gets what the BIS
demands, goy!‼

So if you want your systemic change, time to shift gears, get serious
about spreading transaction facility, and seriously put personal
greed on the backburner - either you're in it to win a new era for
fellow humans and our individual and collective rights, or we will
all be owned.

Good luck all,

BIS Chief Fears "Systemic Threat" Of Bitcoin, Urges "Pre-emptive
Action" From Authorities

At least the occasional 'balanced' conversation piece:

(No-trigger warning: there's plenty of disclaimers at the start so if
 you're a cotton wool safe space baby in adult's clothes, you should
 be right as rain with this one...)

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