On Fri, Aug 16, 2019 at 11:11:53PM +0800, jam...@echeque.com wrote:
> > > > So AGAIN, why does jim.com pretend to be libertarian when you are
> > > I want liberty.
> On 2019-08-16 2:36 pm, Punk wrote:
> > No you don't.
> I wander the world to avoid the impact of states, and of the three countries
> where I have found the most freedom, two have kings, and the third has a
> president equipped with death squads.

Have a personal friend with a factory in China - comments that
general liberty to travel (e.g. drive) and do what you choose within
the country is notably above various such "liberties" in Australia.

For one example police officers are stationed at busy intersections
and don't stop anybody, regardless of speeding, running red lights,
etc - only if there's an accident the police will charge you if you
were the one running the red light.

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