On 9/12/19, jim bell <jdb10...@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Jim Bell meets Sumitomo Electric at Seattle.

In addition to protecting your interest...

Be sure to negotiate... on behalf of the
Worldwide Mesh and Guerrilla Network P2P Community...
donations of all their off-spec reject spools of fiber that are
otherwise unsaleable to prime buyers... as drop shipments
throughout the world to all the lists of Maker and Hacker Spaces.
Shipping it probably costs less than remanufacturing or
disposing it, spaces with docks could help cover shipping,
and it's for a good cause.

> useful transmission will likely occur from 600-2000+ nanometer
> This will keep fiber transmitter and receiver manufacturers busy for
> years!)

Especially busy supplying the billion terminals needed
for individual residents and landowners to link the
world independantly with a new distributed P2P
mesh free from corporate and government control.

> What I proposed amounted to
> a leprechaun saddled on a unicorn, itself standing on the
> back of a winged-pig.  Flying.

Yes my friends, pigs will indeed fly.

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