<ding ding ding>  Zioclopse, Round Two

After the previous innings where The ZOG Empire Struck Back, which
featured Ben Shapiroju reading a 40 minute script for the ZOG army to
thereafter follow (just like Clinton and her "basket of deplorables"
in 2016), Dan "the Zioclopse" Crenshaw, true to form, bounced back
for a second round against .... the Groppers!

And Dan "Cyclops" Crenshaw, Zionist shill, has been for the second
time, udderly wrecked :)

He tried splitting the questioner line into 2 or more, had
questioners all shuffled around - a line for Dems to ask questions,
a line for Reps, and mix mix mix 'em all up.

Very strangely tho, some folks in the "Dems" line asked questions
about the USS Liberty ...

... that's just, like, really odd - who could have predicted that?

(various clips of the original talk, with the below quotes, in
 original article below)

So Dan ultimately lost it on his grass lawn patch outside at
Arizona State U:

      “America would not be here without Israel and the important
      lessons of Jerusalem.”
      U.S. Representative Dan Crenshaw
          — CUFI (@CUFI) November 1, 2019

      Crenshaw: Are you Trump Supporters?


      Crenshaw: So you support the most pro-Israel president ever?


      Crenshaw: Will you disavow Trump's Israel policy?


      Crenshaw: Are you pro-Trump or not???"


      Perfectly coherent worldview; foreign to people like Dan

      — Jake Lloyd (@JacobCLloyd) November 8, 2019

And that USS Liberty - man, that's just literally metaphorical
dynamite for Cyclops Dan :)  :

      Q: … All three testified to it being an intentional attack by
      Israel. My questions is: how can you associate with TPUSA when
      its leader Charlie Kirk called this event a conspiracy theory?
      Your Navy brothers were killed in the incident.

      Dan:  Alright. What do you guys call yourselves?  There’s a
      name for your group, right?  Groppers?  No, you’re not
      conservatives.  You’re not.  I know you think you are.
      [Crosstalk, chanting]
      So, for those of you who are new to this and you’re trying to
      figure out what the heck is going on here, you’ve got a bunch
      of guys – they’re all guys.
      They’ve got one girl.  That’s good.
      And I’ve already answered you.  What do you call yourself?
      The Groppers?  That’s a very strange name.  It’s a very strange
      name.  So, these guys are kinda the Alt-Right 2.0.  They’re
      deeply anti-Semitic, they only care about a couple issues that
      have to do with Israel.
      They’ll ask questions about the USS Liberty … why we give aid
      to Israel … they’ll frame these questions in a way that seems
      reasonable.  Right?  It’s reasonable to ask about history, and
      the USS Liberty, sure.

    AA: What a whackjob.  He acts emotionally incontinent, like he’s
    on roids.  He might be on roids.

And someone asking about the lines:

      First off, I did want to thank you for your service
      non-ironically.  I think it’s a great thing that you do.
      Congressman, my question really has to do with liberty and
      freedom that you always talk about.  How can you claim to
      freedom and liberty and pro all of that, when you make two
      separate lines and label one group anti-semites and racists,
      which is an attack that the left.  [loud applause]  How can you
      do anything related to pro-liberty, pro-free speech, when you
      are suppressing people by moving people around in the line?

    Crenshaw declined to explain ...

    The crowd started chanting “prove me wrong,” which is the name of
    his event.

    All kinds of people were trying to prove him wrong about the USS
    liberty, Israel being our greatest ally, anal marriage being good
    for society, mass immigration being our greatest strength,
    America being an idea, etc. etc. etc.

    But all this odious fiend wants to do is talk about fake AOC
    “revolutionary socialism” bullshit that everyone thinks is boring
    and is – like him – only propped up by Jew money.

    At one point, the one-eyed freak said “You’re going to regret
    saying these things on camera.”

          They use that to cloak their anti-Semitic leanings.
          And their racist leanings.  And it’s pretty gross.
          Guys.  Guys.  And I’ll say this.  Now we’re going to have a
          little come to Jesus moment.  You don’t have the luxury of
          the time that I grew up in, where nothing was only and we
          we’re tweeting and we weren’t on Facebook, and things like
          this weren’t being filmed.  You guys live in that reality.
          And you’re young and you’re very upset and emotional.
          You’re going to regret this.  You’re going to regret being
          on camera and saying some of the things that you’re saying.

    This is a Republican Congressman telling people they will regret
    being on video questioning him, questioning Israel.

    What does that mean, Congressman Dan, you low IQ moron?

    What are you going to do to them, Congressman Dan, you freak?

    Are you going to have them murdered?

    Heck you, Dan, you piece of human garbage.  We are not “Alt-Right


    We are the exact opposite of you, a man who is a professional
    sellout, a spy and a traitor, using our government, our
    resources, to support a foreign power.

The Zioclopse, wrecked  :D

 [Imagine some Rubber Boys victory musak here and some
  truly wicked Israeli dance moves.]

Fully wrecked man, fully wrecked :)

  Gropper War: Zioclops Dan Crenshaw Gets Confused,
  As He Gets Gropped by Virile Groppers!

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