I think everybody knows I am an old school nerd, who likes my comics,
movies, series, books, anime, whatever, with good stories and interesting

This kind of stupid hypocrisy really makes me deeply sick.

Sorry, "New Warriors" is very *offensive* in several ways, not




OK, we have overweight, women, men, non-binary, Black, White, and Latin
heroes, probably at least one of them will be gay/lesbian and/or disabled
too in the next editions, but we do NOT have good characters and  - For
Darwin' sake!!! -  a good story to be told...  (+_+)*

Pardon, how can I respect heroes named "Safespace" and "Snowflake"?!?!  :-/

My conclusion about this f_cking waste of time?  >> 目がくさる !  >:(

(Hey, and where are the Asians, uh?  Hahahahaha!!!  ;D)

Ceci, feeling "vergonha alheia"...  (Brazilian expression that means I am
feeling very ashamed for someone or something, like these horrible SJW

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