At 12:15 PM 4/30/01 -0500, Aimee Farr wrote:
>Sunder on Honig:
>> David Honig wrote:
>> >
>> > The term 'grey man' is also used by R. Tomlinson in _The Big Breach_
>> > where it means basically the same, an observer/tail/Gargoyle
>> who blends in.
>> Erm, perhaps, but "Gargoyle" has a completely different meaning than
>> just a guy observing and bleding in.  It's from Stephenson's Snow
>> Crash.  A Gargoyle is someone who is carrying a ton of recording
>> equipment.

Of course.  And in SnowCrash he's obvious -you can see his beams.  

In SanFran, he's not.

What's an augmented grey man?   A Grey Gargoyle.  Coming soon to a DEFCON
near you.

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