19 Nov 02 | UK
ID cards: civic dream or Orwellian nightmare?

04 Oct 02 | Technology
Belgium plans digital ID cards

04 Jul 02 | Politics
'State racism' fears over ID cards

04 Jul 02 | Science/Nature
Technology trips smart card plans

04 Jul 02 | Politics
Blunkett backs ID card plan

03 Jul 02 | Politics
At a glance: ID card plans

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More information about public meeting
Entitlement Cards Unit
Backlash feared on UK ID cards
There is likely to be a big public backlash to government plans to introduce compulsory ID cards in Britain, say experts. Unease is growing over a planned ID card linked to a national database. BBC

Who makes ID cards for democracy lovin' China?

SecureNet Melbourne au thats Hu.


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