Keycorp signs Hong Kong ID card deal with PCCW-led consortium
The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) signs contract; places first order
Sydney, 14 October 2002

Secure electronic transaction solutions provider Keycorp Limited today announced it has signed a subcontracting agreement with PCCW Business eSolutions for the provision of 1.2 million smartcards for Hong Kong 's planned Smart Identity Card System (SMARTICS). The current deal is expected to generate more than A$5 million for Keycorp.

Business eSolutions, a business unit of PCCW, will utilise Keycorp's MULTOS operating system to keep personal data stored by the Immigration Department of the Government of the HKSAR private and secure when SMARTICS replaces the laminated plastic photo ID card system in use since 1987.

Data privacy and security were two core priorities for this project, and Keycorp's MULTOS platform was able to deliver against both of those priorities. "This project is a big win for Keycorp, and is evidence of the high level of acceptance of MULTOS as a highly secure operating platform for large-scale, open smartcard solutions," said Tim Fletcher, General Manager, Smartcard Technologies, Keycorp Limited.

"We chose Keycorp for this project because of its demonstrated abilities in the critical areas of data encryption and security," said Thomas Siu, President of Business eSolutions. "With Keycorp joining our team, we believe we can provide Hong Kong with the world's premier smart ID card."

"The PCCW consortium win is another major boost for MULTOS in the Asia Pacific region, and for the adoption of smartcard technologies worldwide," said Bruce Thompson, Chief Executive Officer of Keycorp. "Keycorp's MULTOS technology is seen as the most secure in the world. Projects such as this one provide a firm foothold for Keycorp into these emerging markets as governments around the world grapple with the growing problems of identity fraud."

The PCCW-led consortium was awarded the project in February by the Hong Kong government after a competitive bidding process. Keycorp will join other key technology partners in the deal, including ACI Worldwide (USA), Cogent Systems (USA), SecureNet Asia (Hong Kong), Mondex International (UK) and Trüb AG (Switzerland).

About Keycorp MULTOS
The MULTOS standard provides for high levels of privacy between multiple applications on the same card, with application firewalls ensuring the integrity and security of application-specific code and data. Keycorp's version of the MULTOS operating system is one of the most secure in the world and is used by many of the large multi-application card issuers worldwide.

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