The Monterey Herald is reporting that notorious network vigilante, author,
founder of Better a Millstone, and self-described enemy of pedophilia,
Walter Harlan (Mike) Echols II, was found dead in his jail cell over the
weekend, where he was serving 150 days for violating his probation on an
earlier charge of making terrorist threats.  Mr. Echols was also awaiting
trial on new charges of indecent exposure and resisting arrest.

Before becoming an Internet stalker and social parasite, Mr. Echols
authored several soft-core books based on true-crime stories of adolescent
boys being sexually abused.  The best known of these was "I Know My First
Name is Steven", which was made into a mini-series starring Cory Nemec.

To Internet Denizens, Mr. Echols was best known for grepping the net for
public discussions of sex, censorship, and age of consent laws, and
harrassing people holding left of center positions on these issues by
placing them on his Web page of "Internet Child Sex Predators and Child
Pornographers and NAMBLA Members." He would include as much personal
information as he could dig up, including work and home addresses and
phone numbers, and suggestions that any children living nearby were in
danger of being sexually assaulted.  He made frequent ranting phone calls
to people, their employers and landlords, and nearby businesses, in
pursuit of this agenda.

Mr. Echols had a lengthy criminal record, including child abuse, breaking
and entering, being a fugitive from justice, assault, and was once
referred to by the governor of Colorado as "a man who has no respect for
the law."

Mr. Echols' final downfall began when he bumped his leg on a bus, and
attempted to harrass California transit officials into a $100,000
settlement, by threating to kill them, and to destroy their computer
systems.  He was convicted, and sentenced to six months in jail, of which
he served two, before being placed on probation, and forbidden as a
condition of probation from going near a bus.  Mr. Echols said at his
trial, that this was all a plot by "pedophiles" to destroy him, and after
giving Mr. Echols some time to produce evidence of this odd allegation, he
was given an additional fine for "wasting the court's time."

He was arrested again around Thanksgiving, in two separate pants-dropping
incidents, one where he boarded a bus in violation of his probation,
refused to pay, and dropped his pants when asked to leave, and another in
which he is alleged to have dropped his pants and waved his genitalia at a
police officer escorting him away from a place he had been living

Sentenced to 150 days for the probation violation, he was realeased on his
own recognizance to seek medical treatment for heart problems, and escaped
from the hospital, only to be later re-arrested when the unamused judge
issued a bench warrant.

He was finally returned to jail to serve his sentence, ranting that
Monterey officials were plotting against him, and was found dead in this
cell over the weekend.  At the time, his attorneys were attempting to get
him declared incompentent to stand trial on the new charges, due to his
obvious mental problems.

Better a Millstone, Mr. Echols' organization, was incorporated for him in
the state of Nevada by a born again friend of his, who happened to be a
federal suspect in a series of abortion clinic bombings.  Despite this,
and the fact that Mr. Echols had a long criminal record, the organization
was awarded IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization status, giving Mr.
Echols' harrassment operation a quasi-official status.

Echols' antics were enabled by a large slew of people, like Ernie Allen of
the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, who secretly
enjoyed seeing the illegal harrassment of people critical of the
government's sex and porn agenda, and took every opportunity to minimize
his illegal behavior, and portray him as a poor misguided soul who helped
children instead of a habitual criminal.

Echols first came to my attention a number of years ago, when I had an
encounter with Noreen Gosch, a well-known child sex conspiracy nut, in a
CNN chatroom.  Ms. Gosch promotes a theory that there is an international
Satanic pedophile conspiracy, run out of the CIA's MK-Ultra program, which
ritually abuses children.  This, according to Ms. Gosch, is done for the
purpose of producing multiple personalities, so that the children may be
used as operatives in order to compromise world leaders and other powerful

A number of weeks after suggesting in the CNN chatroom to Ms. Gosch that
she was in need of the services of a competent mental health professional,
I did a web search of my name, and to my surprise, found that I had been
listed on Echols' web site as an "Internet Child Sex Predator."  Even more
amusing, Echols listed my location as Salt Lake City, apparently after
looking up the IP I had used to access CNN, which was that of an Internet
provider in that city.

I went to Echols' Web site, and discovered to my great non-surprise that
that he was plugging Noreen Gosch's book on it.

Unamused with Mr. Echols' antics, and with the smug disinterest of his
latest Internet provider in removing the erroneous information, I
suggested that other people so libeled might wish to email other users of
Mr. Echols' ISP and inform them that they were sharing the machine with a
convicted criminal and notorious liar.

This prompted Mr. Echols to append to my blurb that I had urged people to
take down Better a Millstone's website thus "encouraging illegal

While detailing all of Mr. Echols network adventures would require
volumes, a few of his escapades do stand out in my mind.

He once accused a Kentucky case worker of taking lewd pictures of a minor
client and posting them on the Internet, and accused practically everyone
in Kentucky of being part of a cover-up conspiracy.  He posted stolen
social service case records on his web site, and used information in them
to contact and harrass other families whose kids were clients of the
agency. He papered the boy's neighborhood with posters outing him, and the
boy received homosexual slurs and death threats at school, and he and his
family had to leave the state.  When his behavior was criticized on a
child advocacy web board, Echols screamed in ALL CAPS that the boy should
amounted to zilch, and at the trial, the case worker was found not guilty
on all charges.  The state of Kentucky gave serious though to prosecuting
Mr. Echols on charges of interfering in a police investigation, but
decided it wasn't worth the aggrevation.

Mr. Echols set up a giant gallery on his web page, containing child porn
he had downloaded from usenet, with the naughty bits blotted out, and
invited people to try and identify the "child porn victims."  He claimed
he did this downloading only once "under the supervision of law
enforcement", but constantly updated the web page with new child porn.  
When his detractors pointed out that all the pornographic pictures in the
gallery were of adolescent boys in a very narrow age range, Mr. Echols
quickly added some girls so that no one would draw the "wrong conclusion"
about his interests.  Originally included in this gallery was a shirtless
picture of child actor Brad Renfro, which had apparently been posted to a
newsgroup Mr. Echols was downloading his child porn from.  Mr. Renfro was
reportedly unamused at being featured as a "child porn victim" and the
picture was deleted.

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