Attendees: Bron, Ellie, JanP, Ken, NicB, Nicola, Ric, RobS

- Changed assertions in conversations code that caused an assert to fail on 
empty mailboxes. If conversations were out of sync that caused a crasher, 
requiring manual repair of conversations.db. Updated code syslogs that 
something is weird and aborts gracefully.
- Changed reconstruct -I to give any folder that reuses an unique id a new, 
really unique id (could happen for deletions on sync). New solution breaks 
/Seen state, but that's way better than a broken mailbox.

- Working on Github issues and backlog.
- Made mappedfile  better cope with IO errors.
- Will sync with Bron.

- Hasn't looked into latest SASL release candidate, yet.

- Still working on mailboxes.db rewrite, lots of internal code assume period as 
separator. Slowly approaching not to brake anything
- For SASL: got feedback on release candidate. Probably will get more testing 
done the week after next week.

- Worked on a couple of issues with ellie, in regards to squatter 
- Needs to learn more about Xapian and, now, prometheus.

- Ramping up work for JMAP-TestSuite, will bootstrap for mail capability.
- TestSuite is meant to be usable by all implementations, so no Cyrus specific 
tests in upstream implementation. Provide hook for implementations to plug in 
their own tests (e.g. the ‘cyrus’ capability).
- Want to migrate as much as possible from Cassandane into JMAP-TestSuite. 
TestSuite should be the primary test repo, then just use Cassandane for the 
implementation-specific stuff.

- Worked further on JMAP core rewrite, but adding latest JMAP spec changes to 
existing codebase took most time.
- Couple of bigger features in latest changes, including Unicode NFC mailbox 
names (done), Blob/copy (done on feature branch), now working on getting the 
rest implemented.
- Next big change waiting: updated Email object, currently in finalisation on 
JMAP mailing list.
- Open issue of JMAP spec /set requiring invalid interim states. Need to sync 
with Neil/Bron what that means for Cyrus.


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