We are happy to announce the first release candidate for Cython 0.16,
you can grab it from here: http://wiki.cython.org/ReleaseNotes-0.16

Since the beta last month several issues have been fixed, including
the NumPy array attribute access deprecation, which are now rewritten
to use the NumPy macros. Another serious bug in the reversed(range())
optimization was disabled, a C compiler bug on OS X Lion in OpenMP
code was circumvented, the documentation for fused types has been
improved, some bugs related to fused C++ and buffers types have been
fixed, and nogil was added to the included STL declarations.

I encourage everyone to give it a try, see if your project still
compiles and works, and if it doesn't to take up those torches and
pitchforks from your desks, you know where to find us.

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