Branch: refs/heads/unstable
  Commit: 00e6d6f54d406c612dc22eb5edc16c5faccc230a
  Author: Max Franz <>
  Date:   2018-04-09 (Mon, 09 Apr 2018)

  Changed paths:
    M src/client/components/editor/cy/doc.js
    M src/client/components/element-info/entity-info.js
    M src/client/components/element-info/interaction-info.js
    A src/model/element/element-type.js
    M src/model/element/element.js
    A src/model/element/entity-mods.js
    M src/model/element/entity.js
    M src/model/element/factory.js
    A src/model/element/interaction-type/chemical-affects-protein.js
    A src/model/element/interaction-type/enum.js
    A src/model/element/interaction-type/expression.js
    A src/model/element/interaction-type/general.js
    A src/model/element/interaction-type/interaction-type.js
    A src/model/element/interaction-type/modification.js
    A src/model/element/interaction-type/protein-affects-chemical.js
    M src/model/element/interaction.js
    A src/model/element/participant-type.js
    M src/styles/element-info/interaction-info.css
    M test/interaction.js

  Log Message:
  Add initial interaction subtype support #244

- Types: ChemicalAffectsProtein, Expression, Modification, 
- Interaction subtypes are indicated with an association, just like entities.
- Add tests for interaction type.
- Add basic UI for interaction type (not yet wizard) -- hidden for now as it's 
just for testing.
- Move many enum-like objects to separate files.

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