Branch: refs/heads/unstable
  Commit: bda8bfc56119fa718cd4396817dad85d42fe99da
  Author: Max Franz <>
  Date:   2018-07-12 (Thu, 12 Jul 2018)

  Changed paths:
    A src/client/components/demo-input.js
    M src/client/components/home.js
    M src/client/router.js
    M src/styles/base.css
    A src/styles/demo-input.css
    M src/styles/home.css
    M src/styles/index.css
    M src/styles/vars.css

  Log Message:
  Dylan & Max : Add the ability to specify text in the quick-try button on the 

- Philosophy : Allow custom abstract but minimise the number of user choices 
and actions necessary to make things quick and simple for demos (esp. demos not 
guided by someone in the PC group).
- The 'Try Factoid' button opens a popover.
- The user can specify text, or he can use the example text like before.  Click 
'e.g.' to load in the example text.
- Increases the number of clicks for the example from 1 to 3.
- Allows the user to quickly start a new empty document for a demo.
- The 'Open Factoid' button can always be clicked to go directly to the editor. 
 There are no prerequisites or further choices necessary -- which would just 
create friction.
- Update the colour vars to be more consistent with the PC colour scheme.  Use 
the PC blue colour on the home page for consistency.

      **NOTE:** This service been marked for deprecation:

      Functionality will be removed from on January 31st, 2019.

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