Hi Ed,

I have been looking at what it takes to get wxPython4.0.1 working with Dabo.  I'm starting out with python 2.7 and to my surprise I have gotten a good way.  In fact I have most of the demo files are working.  I had to change a few of the base calls to wx._core stuff - that was because the methods/function changed their signatures - i.e. instead of using 'id' I had to pass 'winid'.  But now I'm struck on the dGrid.  As you are aware the dGrid subclass is some what complex.  So I'm hoping you might be able to short cut the process and provide a little insight.

The new wx grid requires the "GridTableBase" be __init__ done prior to any attempt at providing data for the grid or makes a ref to the table.  For example in dGrid (around line 5007) "tbl = self.GetTable()" which causes a major crash without any traceback.  What is confusing to me is that the class dGridDataTable __init__ does a super() call to __init__.  Some where the init is not reailized.  The class dGrid but lack info on "GridTableBase".  As you can see I am lost!


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