Prince Romerson (c. 1840 – 1872) was a Native Hawaiian who fought in
the American Civil War at a time when the Kingdom of Hawaii was an
independent nation. Living in the American Northeast before the war,
Romerson enlisted in the Union Navy in 1863 and served in the Atlantic
Blockading Squadron. After being discharged, he reenlisted in the 5th
Regiment Massachusetts Colored Volunteer Cavalry, a United States
Colored Troops (USCT) regiment, in April 1864. Romerson rose to the rank
of sergeant and was mustered out in October 1865, due to illness. After
the war, like many USCT veterans, he remained in the army as a member of
the Buffalo Soldiers (pictured), serving on the western frontier. In
2010, he was commemorated with over 100 other Native Hawaiian and
Hawaiian-born "Hawaiʻi Sons of the Civil War" when a bronze plaque was
erected along the memorial pathway at the National Memorial Cemetery of
the Pacific in Honolulu.

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The first fascicle of the Oxford English Dictionary, a 352-page
volume that covered words from A to Ant, was published.


Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini returned from exile and soon led
the Iranian Revolution to overthrow the U.S.-backed Pahlavi dynasty.


All seven crew members aboard Space Shuttle Columbia were
killed when the orbiter disintegrated over Texas during reentry.

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