Automated smoke report for branch blead 5.29.2 patch 
ce6f496d720f6206455628425320badd95b07372 v5.29.1-85-gce6f496d72
i3: PPC_POWER5 (PPC/1 cpu)
    on        AIX -
    using     xlc -q32 version
    smoketime 1 day 3 hours 18 minutes (average 2 hours 16 minutes)

Summary: FAIL(F)

O = OK  F = Failure(s), extended report at the bottom
X = Failure(s) under TEST but not under harness
? = still running or test results not (yet) available
Build failures during:       - = unknown or N/A
c = Configure, m = make, M = make (after miniperl), t = make test-prep

v5.29.1-85-gce6f496d72  Configuration (common) none
----------- ---------------------------------------------------------
F F F F F F 
F F F F F F -Duse64bitint
F F F F F F -Duse64bitall
F F F F F F -Duseithreads
F F F F F F -Duseithreads -Duse64bitint
F F F F F F -Duseithreads -Duse64bitall
| | | | | +- LC_ALL = EN_US.UTF-8 -DDEBUGGING
| | | | +--- PERLIO = perlio -DDEBUGGING
| | | +----- PERLIO = stdio  -DDEBUGGING
| | +------- LC_ALL = EN_US.UTF-8
| +--------- PERLIO = perlio
+----------- PERLIO = stdio 

Locally applied patches:

Testsuite was run only with 'harness'

Failures: (common-args) none
[stdio/perlio/EN_US.UTF-8] -DDEBUGGING
[stdio/perlio/EN_US.UTF-8] -Duse64bitint
[stdio/perlio/EN_US.UTF-8] -DDEBUGGING -Duse64bitint
[stdio/perlio/EN_US.UTF-8] -Duse64bitall
[stdio/perlio/EN_US.UTF-8] -DDEBUGGING -Duse64bitall
[stdio/perlio/EN_US.UTF-8] -Duseithreads
[stdio/perlio/EN_US.UTF-8] -DDEBUGGING -Duseithreads
[stdio/perlio/EN_US.UTF-8] -Duseithreads -Duse64bitint
[stdio/perlio/EN_US.UTF-8] -DDEBUGGING -Duseithreads -Duse64bitint
[stdio/perlio/EN_US.UTF-8] -Duseithreads -Duse64bitall
[stdio/perlio/EN_US.UTF-8] -DDEBUGGING -Duseithreads -Duse64bitall
    5, 11, 17, 23, 29, 35
    Non-zero exit status: 6

MANIFEST did not declare ''
MANIFEST did not declare ''

Passed Todo tests: (common-args) none
[EN_US.UTF-8] -Duse64bitint
[EN_US.UTF-8] -DDEBUGGING -Duse64bitint
[EN_US.UTF-8] -Duse64bitall
[EN_US.UTF-8] -DDEBUGGING -Duse64bitall
[EN_US.UTF-8] -Duseithreads
[EN_US.UTF-8] -DDEBUGGING -Duseithreads
[EN_US.UTF-8] -Duseithreads -Duse64bitint
[EN_US.UTF-8] -DDEBUGGING -Duseithreads -Duse64bitint
[EN_US.UTF-8] -Duseithreads -Duse64bitall
[EN_US.UTF-8] -DDEBUGGING -Duseithreads -Duse64bitall

Compiler messages(aix):
"pp_sys.c", line 3246.22: 1506-280 (W) Function argument assignment between 
types "char*" and "const char*" is not allowed.

Non-Fatal messages(aix):

Status overview available here:

Report by Test::Smoke v1.72 running on perl 5.14.2
(Reporter v0.053 / Smoker v0.046)

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