So right now I'm listening to alivestream from BAH
on AI's usage in the military. It's good to get beyond the straight up
Terminator-esque fear that is all the rage in policy circles right now.
I mean, today you saw an article where people were upset that Google was
using TensorFlow and related technologies to recognize objects in drone
data. But that same technology is going to make radiologists completely
obsolete, and change how biology is done forever.

And of course a few recent meetings have been almost entirely about
focusing on cyber as it is used in Russian Information Operations.
Facebook is funding Belfer to try to build automated techniques in
theory which defeat IO.

My new analogy for the policy world to help them understand cyber is
that it's the post-Columbian effect on food, when chili peppers
conquered the world (except for France). Like, yes, IO and Sichuan food
existed before cyber, but when you add the Cyber ops and Chilli peppers
to them respectively, they become completely different things.

But what you hear now is everyone saying "Hey, we focused so much on CNA
we forgot about mass-scale IO!" and you have to remind them that there's
going to be something next.

If it was me, I'd look at personal-scale IO. I want an AI that
automatically finds and recruits Iranian scientists, while minimizing
our risk and financial costs. It's just a chatbot with a skype wallet
and a securedrop site, right? 

Let's have an AI send upsetting and believable DeepFake videos to
Russian soldiers in Syria at opportune moments, based on our intercept
traffic and their profiles. 

The next stage is probably not about mass advertising on social media -
it's might be about changing just one mind. Going deeper instead of
broader. Whatever it is, it's going to be like any cuisine with Chili's,
where all of a sudden the very identity of it changed forever and we
can't even remember what the original was like.

Who knows? I mean, this is the kind of thing I want to talk about over
dinner at INFILTRATE with the P0 people, or with people I've literally
never met, who work for a company I've never heard of which probably
doesn't exist, in an accent I can't quite place. We should have made
this year's motto "The conference for people who are not afraid of the
future." or something.

Also this year we are innovating by having real coffee carts, so you can
order a latte or a cuban coffee, which is what every conference should
always have had since half of us are super jetlagged/hungover. :)


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